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We supply gearbox parts as follows 

Transmission Parts in stock: Friction kit, steel plate kit, bushing kit, overhaul kit, filter, seals and gaskets, solenoids, piston kit, covers, pump,

brake band and torque converter, valve body, mechatronic

Top Brands and a large stock of components  



PARTZAVENUE.COM Online gearbox shop. Please press our "SHOP" button to move into products list: We stock a high range of products that may be necessary to rebuild your automatic transmission. For private and commercial customers or company, garages, workshops or retailers. We ship worldwide and help to deliver our products to any destination with friendly prices. FAST DELIVERY It takes usually 2-5 working days. We deliver our products with top-rated couriers like DPD, UPS, FedEx, GLS, DHL. Talk to our team and get assistance with your delivery destination, please contact our Partzavenue Sales team we get a solution to your needs. All orders within the VAT EU Active members can be set with free Vat orders after the company registration status check. This option is related to all customers registered and located within EU VAT area including Workshops, mechanics, retailers, garages, dealers and other professional trades. Please use "Contact us" page or email to


Remanufactured torque converters online store
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Friction kits, Steel plate kits, Clutches, Torque converters, Mechatronics, Oil Pumps, Filters and Gaskets, Seals and Gaskets Overhauls, Lubricants and additives, Electronic components, Switches and Solenoids, Valves and Sensors, Shaft seals and bushings, Teflon's and seals components Flexible bands, Covers, Pistons, Pistons Kits. Daily STOCK updates including our eBay shop: PARTZAVENUE You can also talk live on CHAT box when is available online or just leave there a message, we get back you as soon as possible

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 Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant with LXE® Technology

LUBEGARD® Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant is a concentrated additive package infused with superior seal conditioners and friction modifiers. This unique product restores additive content to used ATF and enhances new ATF resulting in improved performance and smoother, more consistent shifting. It can safely be added to any automatic transmission fluid (ATF) including fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, conventional, and low viscosity fluids except CVT, DCT, and Ford Type F [1986 and earlier models] LUBEGARD® Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant is engineered to raise the thermal and oxidative stability level of automatic transmission fluids, so when it operates at elevated temperatures, it does not thin out and pyrolize, burn, or react with oxygen and form deposits. It is formulated with proprietary Liquid Wax Esters (LXE®) that are unique because of their natural lubricity, high viscosity index, and high flash and fire points. They have the ability to withstand repeated heating to temperatures as high as 570°F. LXE® gives automatic transmission fluid the extra lubricity needed for transmission’s unique frictional requirements. They improve heat conductivity, suppress foaming and, consequently, reduce transmission operating temperatures

Instant Shudder Fixx™

A concentrated friction modifier formulated specifically for eliminating torque converter shudder problems instantly is made of synthetics and synthetic esters and is concentrated five times.

It is packaged in a uniquely engineered two-ounce application tube, LUBEGARD's Instant Shudder Fixx™ is compatible with conventional or synthetic automatic transmission fluids.

  • A concentrated friction modifier formulated specifically for INSTANTLY eliminating torque converter lock-up shudder

  • Provides up to 4x’s less wear than regular ATF

  • The original shudder fix

  • For long term benefit, use LUBEGARD ATF Protectant P/N 60902

  • For use in ANY automatic transmission fluid except CVT, DCT, and Ford Type F [1986 and earlier models] applications

Lubegard ATF Fluid protectant 60902
Instant Shudder FIXX
Gearbox solenoid DSG DCT Mechatronic and valvebody components

How to buy automatic transmission parts online? How to get correct components to your auto gearbox?

Most of the mechanics will know transmission model and parts that need to be changed. If you plan to get parts from the online store and you not sure what gearbox rebuilding kit to buy

please contact our Sales team with your valid VIN so we will be able to verify correct gearbox part for your car. 

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