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Automatic Gearbox parts supply 

PARTZAVENUE specialized in automatic transmission parts

   At Partzavenue, we pride ourselves on supplying parts for the most sought-after gearbox brands from global leaders such as AISIN, JATCO, ZF, GM, GETRAG, BORG WARNER MERCEDES, and many others. Our central Europe depot ensures speedy delivery service, shipping around the globe. We accept all destinations, but for more details, please contact us at Experience the Partzavenue difference today . Check what we have

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Welcome to Partzavenue, your go-to online shop for transmission parts!

We’re dedicated to providing you with the very best products, and we’re constantly updating our product list on a daily basis. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need technical advice, don’t hesitate to reach out.

You can use our Live Chat or contact form for immediate assistance. Alternatively, you can send an email to Our team is always ready to help and will be happy to advise you on the best options and solutions for your needs.

Visit our e-shop page today and discover our wide range of products. We look forward to serving you at Partzavenue!


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Some most common issues with an automatic gearbox 

Transmission won’t engage or stay in specific gears. ATF Gearbox oil fluid is leaking. Kind of burning smell coming out. Problems with shifts or and delayed or missing gears. Transmission slipping and engine is revving high. Strange sounds like buzzing, clunking, humming noise. Gearbox or car vibrations generated from the middle of the car. Automatic transmission ATF fluid (Oil) lubricates all the internal parts and components of the gearbox and dissipates heat. That is very important to keep it lubricated to ensure the proper functioning of the transmission. Especially matter for Friction discs, bearings, gears inside the transmission, all flexible parts such as pistons, seals and gaskets. Oil pumps internals, bushings. Always change ATF Oil in automatic transmission before the time. Use the best quality products. This will help or delay with further automatic gearbox problems. Rebuilding automatic transmission always cost a lot. There are expensive parts such as mechatronics, sensors, valves, solenoids, TCM, clutch systems or torque converters and all kind of friction materials.

Get advice, get the parts, get your transmission back to work.


Don't drive with issues... this will make serious damage gearbox internally and will cost you a fortune. Make it on time, have your automatic transmission inspected on time. This could be the small thing which generates wrong gearbox oil pressure or some serious damage. When you rebuilding the transmission unit, always change overhauls seals and gaskets set for new. Carefully check all components for wear, cracks etc. Do the work according to professional manuals, diagrams and materials. Alternatively find local automatic transmission specialists, who are well rated and provide great feedback from their customers.

What potentially can be damaged? 

Answering this question is not that easy, however, most common parts or gearbox components ordered are Friction kits, Steel plate kits, Overhauls seals and gaskets, flexible bands, valve body separator plates, switches and sensors, piston kits, bushing kits, Teflon rings and especially torque converters or multi-plate clutches in new DSG or DCT gearboxes. Luckily the multi-plate clutch system can be rebuilt too, so users do not need to order new ones. New transmissions such as                                                          ZF6HP26,ZF6HP28,32 or ZF8HP45,ZF8HP55,ZF8HP70

Mercedes 722.9 7g-Tronic, DSG series 0AM,0BH,02E,0B5,DL501 and many more.. Having intelligent mechatronic systems connected (bypassed) to the main system controls. Any errors on the system ma eliminate or limited driving accessibility. In addition to that limitations, new controls unit will cost a fortune and very often will need a visit in Dealer for coding. Of Course some of those units you can be programmed in any medium skilled level workshop, however, some newer control units must be made within OEM Dealer licences. Here we have a similar situation mostly all mechatronics or valve bodies can be repaired. As long there are no cracks on the bodies or main TCM units are still working. Linked wires can be changed and often make the job but if we having the main CPU broken you will not be able to get a new one. All other parts are easily changeable: valves, solenoids, separator plates, rings, washers, springs and other components. Make sure you get your problem solved on time, don't drive when you see that gearbox does not work properly.

- Always change gearbox oil on time or before!

- Use top quality ATF products

- Always change filters

- Don't drive with early damage symptoms

- Inspect on time

- Get quality gearbox parts

- Get gear diagrams and manuals

- or get Professionals to do the work

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